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Shooting with GTA Model Mitchell Cianni

As some of you may know – I have a passion for fashion and an affinity for photography! So of course when I was reached out to by someone I had met at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week last season – I just had to partner for a photo shoot!

I met Mitchell through a friend that was modelling last season at TOM and connected on social media shortly after! Mitch is not only heavily involved in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area modelling scene but also hosts his own Youtube channel IAmMitchTV posting Vlog videos! Want an inside look at his life, modelling career and daily adventures? Check it out!

We decided to go about on a stroll downtown Toronto around Union Station, The CN Tower and the Financial District to do some street style shots. It ended up being a pretty dreary day, little cold, pretty cloudy, but this ended up being quite a benefit! See as a photographer taking portrait shots outside, you really don’t want harsh sunlight! You get drastic shadows on faces and can only have your subject face one way or risk having them blinded or too dark to be seen because of shadows. Also, rainy days make for a cool grey/blue cast on photos which definitely give a certain edgy vibe to city photography so if you are going for that look, take a photo tour on a rainy day! the In summary – cloudy, rainy days make for cool photos! That being said; take a look at some photos from the shoot! & Shoutout to Mitch for being great chatting company and a stellar model! It’s always fun to work with someone who comes to the shoot with their own ideas 🙂

male model staring at camera

male model leaning against wall with hand in hair

male model standing in front of windows of a skyscraper

male model standing on walkway

male model standing in front of busy street and railing


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